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Germin is a non-governmental organization whose core principles and ideals are based on the belief that the Albanian diaspora must play an extensive and proactive role in the positive development of all countries in the Balkans where Albanians live.

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Engaging Diaspora with Homeland

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We Are All Global Albanians: Transforming Our Future Together

November 19, 2018/0/1/

Mark Kosmo: “We Albanians are not just connected — We are “hyperconnected” people”. Mark Kosmo, shqiptaro-amerikani që ka mbajtur fjalimin e tij në TEDx Tirana, më 15 shtator 2018. Fjalimi i tij inspirues ishte për komunitetin shqiptarë dhe si duhet të lidhemi së bashku për të qenë agjentë të ndryshimeve në vendin amë. Kur isha [...]

Culture, Education, Thoughts, Video

Increasing diaspora investments in Kosovo

November 7, 2018/0/0/

Author: Lyra Hadri Drawing from the experience of diaspora communities throughout the world, Kosovo should sustain and improve its economic and diplomatic ties to their nationals living abroad We often ask ourselves how the diaspora, people who migrate from developing countries, can help the development of their home country. Do they share portions of their […]

Editorial, Innovation

Towards a paperless Kosovo

November 2, 2018/473/2/

Author: Drenusha Suka Complete e-governance would help Kosovo to decrease corruption and bureaucracy and increase efficiency. Members of diaspora, with their potential and expertise, could be an asset for the nascent state. A newborn country so well-connected online, with almost 90 percent of its citizens penetrating the internet, has no reason to justify why services and connection [...]

Education, Standard

Diaspora voting: Infusing democracy in Kosovo

November 1, 2018/0/1/

Author: Lirim Krasniqi Voting possibilities for diaspora members can be a driver for democratic development in Kosovo. While the economic, social and cultural contributions made by the Kosovo diaspora for their home country is well-recognized, their contribution to the direct democratic process – namely, elections – has been met with continuous obstacles. Kosovo citizens that [...]


Transforming Kosovo’s mental health system

October 26, 2018/0/0/

Author: Xhevat Zogaj The energy and potential of the diaspora should be utilized by Kosovo institutions to reform the country’s mental health sector. We have built enough houses, roads, and schools. We have brought enough cars, and we have even organized enough weddings and promoted music of different genres. Now, it is time that Kosovar […]


‘Shaci’ as another product of Albanian orientalism

October 20, 2018/0/0/

Author: Adem Ferizaj Through the lens of Albanian orientalism, the discourse surrounding the word ‘shaci’ is an import of the stereotypical representation of Albanians in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to Kosovo, and a method of self-humiliation. Albanians, amongst other ‘foreigners,’ represent the ‘other’ in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The dynamics of othering gives ‘foreigners’ two […]


Harnessing education to address today’s challenges

October 18, 2018/0/0/

Author: Venera Kusari It’s time for the Albanian diaspora to take on leadership roles by championing robust Albanian studies, instead of passively reacting to events in their homeland. Members of the Albanian diaspora have played a remarkable role in their countries of origin, especially during times of crisis. Across Western Europe and North America, Albanians [...]

Editorial, Education

Diaspora as a subject, not object, of state policies

October 13, 2018/0/0/

Author: Osman Osmani Reciprocity between home countries and the receiving states is the key condition for unlocking the potential of the Kosovo and Albanian diaspora. Without the contribution and experience of active and engaged diaspora members, there is no chance for Kosovo to develop a stable policy for development. Without this, it will be difficult […]


How to capitalize on the potential of Kosovo diaspora

October 11, 2018/0/0/

Author: Emanuel Bajra Further integrating the Kosovo diaspora into key political bodies would jumpstart reform and development in the country, and not just economically. Kosovo is transforming, and its diaspora is also going through a phase of changes that, whether we like it or not, will have effects and consequences on the way that things […]


Certifikimi i njohurive për gjuhën shqipe, hap i parë drejt ndërkombëtarizimit të saj

October 28, 2014/0/0/

“Fjalët dhe punët e njerëzve të mëdhenj nuk janë sipas vendit e kohës së tyre, ata mund t’i përshtaten çdo kohe dhe çdo vendi.” – Sami Frashëri. Si shqiptar i rritur në diasporë, me një vit shkollë në gjuhën shqipe në Mitrovicë në vitin 1989, tani më shumë se 10 vite i kam kushtuar gjuhës [...]

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