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Germin is a non-governmental organization whose core principles and ideals are based on the belief that the Albanian diaspora must play an extensive and proactive role in the positive development of all countries in the Balkans where Albanians live.

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Engaging Diaspora with Homeland

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We Are All Global Albanians: Transforming Our Future Together

November 19, 2018/0/1/

Mark Kosmo: “We Albanians are not just connected — We are “hyperconnected” people”. Mark Kosmo, shqiptaro-amerikani që ka mbajtur fjalimin e tij në TEDx Tirana, më 15 shtator 2018. Fjalimi i tij inspirues ishte për komunitetin shqiptarë dhe si duhet të lidhemi së bashku për të qenë agjentë të ndryshimeve në vendin amë. Kur isha [...]

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Kingsley Aikins for Diaspora Flet Conference

Connect, Engage, Collaborate, Advocate

October 26, 2014/0/0/

Create a space where Diaspora members and interest groups can connect, engage and collaborate with public institutions, elected officials and one another. Create a space where Diaspora members can advocate for the economic, social and political rights We had our pleasure to host Mr.Kingsley Aikins, from Diaspora  Matters as our keynote speaker.

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