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Germin is a non-governmental organization whose core principles and ideals are based on the belief that the Albanian diaspora must play an extensive and proactive role in the positive development of all countries in the Balkans where Albanians live.

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Engaging Diaspora with Homeland

Diaspora School in Kosovo

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The Diaspora School in Kosovo (DSK) is an innovative initiative which aims to bring together young professionals from Kosovo, the Diaspora, and the Western Balkans region to jointly find solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing local communities in Kosovo. The selected participants will work together to co-create innovative and cost-effective solutions with the highest potential impact on the economic growth of local communities in Prizren and Malisheva.
This experience will allow you to share knowledge, use technological tools to provide solutions, work in a diverse group, and network with the young professional in Kosovo, Region, and Diaspora.


  • To facilitate collaboration between Kosovo and Diaspora young professionals in order to implement creative solutions that address local economic growth in Prizren and Malisheva, and as suchrekindle the connection of diaspora with their home country and cities, enhance their engagement in development through exchange of knowledge and expertise;
  • To establish a mechanism that allows diaspora young professionals to reconnect with their identity, culture and history in Kosovo, and understand the potential for investment in Kosovo;
  • To contribute to the improvement of both communities through implementation of small grants following the conclusion of the Diaspora Summer School;

Diaspora School in Kosovo held in Prizren and Malisheva from 11 – 15 October 2017.


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