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Germin is a non-governmental organization whose core principles and ideals are based on the belief that the Albanian diaspora must play an extensive and proactive role in the positive development of all countries in the Balkans where Albanians live.

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Engaging Diaspora with Homeland

Diaspora Flet Conference

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Diaspora Flet, a four-day event bringing together lawmakers, government officials and a diverse group of Diaspora members — professionals, scholars, community leaders, business representatives, and other interest groups – to address the advancement of the role of Diaspora in the economic, social, and political developments of their country of origin.

The Diaspora Flet Conference will serve as a space for Diaspora members to connect and directly engage with public institutions, and to collaborate and advocate for their greater economic, social and political rights. The Conference is part of Germin’s Diaspora Flet initiative that has as its mission to create effective mechanisms and channels for diaspora engagement, and facilitate a two-way dialogue with public institutions in their country of origin.


Connect, Engage, Collaborate, Advocate

Create a space where Diaspora members and interest groups can connect, engage and collaborate with public institutions, elected officials and one another. Create a space where Diaspora members can advocate for the economic, social and political rights.

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