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We Are All Global Albanians: Transforming Our Future Together

November 19, 2018/0/1/

Mark Kosmo: “We Albanians are not just connected — We are “hyperconnected” people”. Mark Kosmo, shqiptaro-amerikani që ka mbajtur fjalimin e tij në TEDx Tirana, më 15 shtator 2018. Fjalimi i tij inspirues ishte për komunitetin shqiptarë dhe si duhet të lidhemi së bashku për të qenë agjentë të ndryshimeve në vendin amë. Kur isha [...]

Culture, Education, Thoughts, Video

Towards a paperless Kosovo

November 2, 2018/561/2/

Author: Drenusha Suka Complete e-governance would help Kosovo to decrease corruption and bureaucracy and increase efficiency. Members of diaspora, with their potential and expertise, could be an asset for the nascent state. A newborn country so well-connected online, with almost 90 percent of its citizens penetrating the internet, has no reason to justify why services and connection [...]

Education, Standard

Harnessing education to address today’s challenges

October 18, 2018/0/0/

Author: Venera Kusari It’s time for the Albanian diaspora to take on leadership roles by championing robust Albanian studies, instead of passively reacting to events in their homeland. Members of the Albanian diaspora have played a remarkable role in their countries of origin, especially during times of crisis. Across Western Europe and North America, Albanians [...]

Editorial, Education

Closing ceremony of Diaspora School in Kosovo

October 27, 2014/0/0/

Conservation International launches an awareness campaign called “Nature is Speaking” featuring stars such as Julia Roberts and Harrison Ford who personify nature. Will these videos actually change minds? Take a few minutes and listen to it.

Audio, Education