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Co-creating Kosovo’s future [Video]

July 26, 2019/0/0/

“Kosovo is the ideal place to build the future. I understand that there are a thousand reasons to dislike the reality but there are also a thousand reasons to change reality, so we can do this together ” – said Liza Gashi, Director of the GERMIN. What is yor contribution? KOSOVO | MY COUNTRY, MY […]

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We Are All Global Albanians: Transforming Our Future Together

November 19, 2018/0/1/

Mark Kosmo: “We Albanians are not just connected — We are “hyperconnected” people”. Mark Kosmo, shqiptaro-amerikani që ka mbajtur fjalimin e tij në TEDx Tirana, më 15 shtator 2018. Fjalimi i tij inspirues ishte për komunitetin shqiptarë dhe si duhet të lidhemi së bashku për të qenë agjentë të ndryshimeve në vendin amë. Kur isha [...]

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Kingsley Aikins for Diaspora Flet Conference

Connect, Engage, Collaborate, Advocate

October 26, 2014/0/0/

Create a space where Diaspora members and interest groups can connect, engage and collaborate with public institutions, elected officials and one another. Create a space where Diaspora members can advocate for the economic, social and political rights We had our pleasure to host Mr.Kingsley Aikins, from Diaspora  Matters as our keynote speaker.