Leonora  Çerreti

Project Manager

Leonora  Çerreti has completed undergraduate studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Prishtina (A.U.K.) with a concentration in Economics, Management, and a minor in Public Policy and is currently enrolled in the Executive MBA at the Central European University (CEU) in Vienna.

She is also certified in Management and Leadership and Project Management by A.U.K. Institute for Training and Development.

Çerreti has more than 6 years of work experience in administrative and managerial positions. From June 2020 until December 2021, she has led the Economic and Finance department at the Municipality of Prizren.
Her career started immediately after graduation as an operational manager at “Ҫuni” in Prizren.

Afterwards, for two years she has worked at A.U.K. Institute for Training and Development, initially as Assistant for the USAID Leadership and Transformation Program, namely the PPDL and AUPP component, and later as Project Manager for the RED-T Project supported by USAID EMPOWER Private Sector and TECHUP project supported by GIZ CETEP.

She has co-founded the Go Clean Auto Detailing business in Prizren in the professional vehicle cleaning industry.

Leonora joined the GERMIN team in April this year with the position of Project Manager of “Diaspora for Local Economic Development” – part of the MARDI project of CARITAS Switzerland.

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