October 1, 2021

Lecture with Mark Kosmo on “Albanian Youth in a Global World”

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On Tuesday, September 28, 2021, GERMIN organized the second lecture within the project “Network of Youth Organizations and Associations” with the speaker Mark Kosmo.

The Albanian Youth in a Global World lecture presented by Mark Kosmo facilitated a meaningful interchange of varied points. Kosmo offered his wisdom to the young people from Kosovo as well as the diaspora community. Mark constantly interconnected his advice to previous experiences he had overcome. Mark, born and raised in the United States of America, after finishing his degree in Economics in Washington D.C. decided to pursue different things in life, one of those being moving to Albania for a while. He had always been determined to “do something and not be something” thus his dedication to Philanthropy and “Global Albanians Fondation”. Mark unfolded a catalyst for discussion, sparking the audience to share their experiences as well.

Still relating back to his experiences, Mark touched up on both general guidance upon life and career and practical guidance as well. He affirmed that there were three main areas to focus when making life decisions, one being migration, meaning where you should be to succeed in life. Regarding this issue, Kosmo proceeded to state that the location did not matter due to different circumstances. Following that, the next issue would be education, concerning this Mark claimed that your education of choice does not necessarily limit you to that field. Therefore leading to the third issue life presents, that being career choice. The lecturer continues to inspire the students by announcing that what you eventually choose as your career will be flexible. With that Mark says that nothing is permanent, motivating the young audience to pursue their life goals. These words of wisdom served as enlightenment to the audience of the lecture. Considering the talk was quite general, it served as encouragement for both young people from Kosovo and the diaspora community.

The lecture on Albanian Youth in the Global World was held in the framework of the “Network of Youth Organizations and Associations” project supported by the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kosovo and will be followed by a series of lectures on various topics featuring speakers from the diaspora and Kosovo. The project’s goal is to connect Kosovo’s youth and student groups with those in the diaspora, as well as to strengthen the capacity of young people who work in these organizations.

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