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Global Albanians Foundation

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The Global Albanians Foundation (GAF) was established in the United States in 2018, and is expected to launch its activities in the spring of 2019.

The GAF will promote Albanian Diaspora philanthropy and charity to support Albanian not-for-profit organizations in Albania, Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Presheva.

The GAF will develop a decentralized and 21st century approach to promote diaspora giving, by serving as an online platform for Albanian not-for profit organizations to raise money.

Through this online crowdfunding and philanthropy platform, members of the Global Albanian Community will be able to donate directly to the organizations and projects that they would like to support based on geographic location, sector, or whatever criteria the donor might deem most important.

The GAF will help Albanian not-for-profits to raise money by:

  1. Providing a credible link to a Diaspora-based organization (the GAF) that would be trusted by prospective Albanian Diaspora donors (and non-Albanian donors) to screen receiving organizations for credibility, competence, impact, and transparency;

  2. Providing a mechanism for online donations which does not currently exist for almost all not-for-profits based in the Western Balkans and thus greatly facilitate donations and reduce the costs of Diaspora philanthropy; and

  3. Providing a mechanism for Albanian Diaspora donors to receive tax deductions for their donations which they can not receive if they donate directly to Albanian not-for-profit organizations in the Western Balkans.

For a more detailed description of the Global Albanians Foundation click here.

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