April 4, 2022

GERMIN and Telegrafi.com with a memorandum of cooperation

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The co-director of GERMIN, Lirim Krasniqi and the general director of Telegrafi.com, Gentian Lluka, signed today a cooperation agreement. The memorandum of cooperation aims to increase the presence of the diaspora in the media.

Every time we talk about the diaspora in the Albanian-speaking media, we mention the figures: This many Kosovo citizens live abroad; This much money has entered Kosovo from remittances; Migrants wait for hours at the border; – and the list where the diaspora is considered as a figure can continue even longer. GERMIN and Telegrafi.com want to change the course of how the diaspora is reported, by dedicating a special section to this medium where our compatriots will be presented in a different way from how we are used to seeing them. Telegrafi.com and GERMIN have agreed that through this cooperation, the citizens of the diaspora will be given a voice in order to show faces and stories beyond the numbers.

GERMIN as a bridge between the Diaspora with the homeland and Telegrafi.com as a credible medium with wide reach will reflect previously unheard human stories every month through articles and podcasts.