Mai 3, 2024

GERMIN meets the Albanian diaspora in France

By Bublina Peni-1141 Views-No Comment

On May 3, at the Embassy of Kosovo in Paris, our collaborative event with Maison de l’Albanie and the IPKO Foundation proved to be an enlightening and productive session. This gathering attracted esteemed professionals and committed members of the diaspora, fostering an atmosphere ripe with inspiration and the exchange of innovative ideas.

The session began with opening remarks from Mr. Mehdi Halimi, Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo in France, and Mrs. Anila Hyka Smørgrav, Co-Director of GERMIN’s board and member of the Albanian Diaspora’s Coordinating Council. Their welcoming speeches set a warm and inclusive tone for the event.

Ms. Sihana Bejtullahu, Co-Executive Director at GERMIN, introduced the Engaging Diaspora Professionals (EDP) program to the audience. She highlighted the transformative opportunities the program offers and its significant impact on connecting the diaspora with their homeland.

The event concluded with an interactive discussion, where participants shared their ideas and proposed innovative solutions, paving the way for future initiatives to strengthen the ties between Kosovo and its diaspora.

These sessions are not only pivotal for GERMIN’s ongoing projects but also crucial in enhancing our mission to forge stronger connections between Kosovo and the global Albanian diaspora.