Oktober 26, 2021

Workshop: Increasing Awareness about Diaspora Cooperation among CSOs in Kosova and Albania

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An expanding variety of evidence suggests that diaspora present a significant role in fostering sustainable development by conveying resources, knowledge, and concepts back to their homelands, also in blending their countries of origin into the global economy. Given all the potentials that diaspora communities have, in particular the Albanian Diaspora in Germany, German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, through GIZ, has commissioned the ‘Programme for Migration & Diaspora”, which offers plenty of opportunities for diaspora engagement, and cooperation between diaspora organizations and local Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) at home countries.

In light of this, during October 20-23, a workshop was held with CSOs from Kosovo and Albania, which aimed to raise awareness of the potential for cooperation with the diaspora. During this workshop the GIZ program “Migration and Diaspora”, the study of the Albanian diaspora in Germany and funding opportunities for development-oriented projects by diaspora organizations in cooperation with local organizations in Kosovo and Albania, was presented. Also, in this event the work of GERMIN over the years was displayed as an example of cooperation with the diaspora and as a guide for other local organizations.

An equally significant aspect of this workshop was the discussion between all organizations that facilitated a meaningful interchange of varied viewpoints. These discussions unleashed impassioned presentations of each member’s vision for the opportunities that diaspora cooperation holds. Both GIZ and GERMIN have great familiarity with diaspora’s influence in Kosovo and Albania, therefore our joint input had resulted in an immense catalyst for ideas to the participating CSOs.

This workshop is supported by the program “Migration and Diaspora” of  GIZ Kosovo and GIZ Albania. 

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