März 28, 2023

Inva Mula to perform in New York for the OriginAL Program

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Suppose you’re a fan of Albanian music. In that case, you don’t want to miss the upcoming event featuring Inva Mula and Genc Tukiçi. On May 24th, they will perform live in New York to support the OriginAL program.

As the name implies, OriginAL offers a new perspective on Albanian culture and heritage. The dream of OriginAL is to provide a unique and life-changing experience for Albanian youth that will take them on a fascinating journey to the homelands and inspire them to be a part of a Global Albanian community. Hence, program aims to offer Albanian Young Adults a new perspective about the homeland’s culture and heritage, and their connection with it.

OriginAL will be supported by our world-known soprano Inva Mula and the pianist, Genc Tukiçi. They will perform live for the program in the Town Hall Theatre of New York on the 24th of May.

“A dëshironi një udhëtim falas në Shqipëri dhe Kosovë?” – if you think that your descendants will have difficulties understanding this sentence, then it is time you join us and BUY THE TICKET for the concert now.

Take advantage of this unforgettable musical experience while supporting a great cause. Be part of an initiative that will transform the connection of the young Albanian diaspora generations with their origin. Be OriginAL!

The Globale Albaner Stiftung and GERMIN power the concert and the OriginAL program. Therefore, the renowned photographer Fadil Berisha, alongside Albanian-American community activists Mark Kosmo and Avni Mustafaj, will be your hosts of honour at this event.

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