November 8, 2022


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Project title: “Municipal Action for Reintegration and Diaspora” – MARDI Project

1. Background & Project Description: In March 2022, GERMIN signed a cooperation agreement with Caritas Switzerland in Kosovo within the MARDI project (Municipal Action for Reintegration and Diaspora). Starting from March, GERMIN is implementing the “Using the Knowledge and Financial Capital of the Diaspora to Impact on the Economic Development of Kosovo Municipalities” component within the MARDI Project. The MARDI project will be implemented over three years throughout Kosovo. The project also includes two other components: Capacity Building for Municipalities and Supporting the Needs of Migrants and their Integration in the country. The project’s overall objective is to u se the Diaspora’s know-how and financial capital to instigate and drive economic change and development in Kosovo municipalities. By the end of the project, the expected results include promoting Kosovar businesses abroad with a specific focus on the diaspora community, generating Diaspora investments through attractive competitive investment projects, support twining activities between Kosovo Municipalities and EU Municipalities, and facilitating the dialogue between the Diaspora community and Kosovo institutions.

Through the Twinning of Cities activity within the MARDI project, GERMIN aims to connect Kosovo municipalities for knowledge exchange and development related to migration, integration management, and local economic development. As such is the the Center for Creative Education “Fellbach Haus” in the Municipality of Suhareka, a donation by the Fellbach Municipality in Germany as part of its twining agreement with the Municipality of Suhareka. The Centre for Creative Education “Fellbach Haus” is an educational institution for young people, with the aim to educate young generations, develop art and culture, and promote good causes in the Municipality. The educational program includes German, English and French language courses, music courses (guitar, piano, drums and solo singing), dancing courses, figurative & applied art courses, and theatre courses. In order to support the development of animation creation skills for youth, MARDI projects is financing the purchase of technical equipment needed to offer animation courses. Below are the technical specifications for the equipment to be purchased. 

2. Requirements/Technical specifications: 

Required equipment
ItemTechnical Specification/ConfigurationQuantity
Desktop Computer  
 Minimal Hardware RequirementGraphics: RTX 3080 Processor: Intel Core i7-12700K Ram Memory: 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz Primary Memory: 1TB (NVMe) M.2 Motherboard: MSI PRO DDR4 (Power Supply 800W) Display (4K / 2x2K, min 75Hz)   
2Desktop Computer Optimal Hardware Requirement Graphics: RTX 3090 X2 Processor: Intel Core i7-12700K Ram Memory: 64GB DDR4 3200Mhz Primary Memory: 4TB (NVMe) M.2 Motherboard: MSI PRO DDR4 (Power Supply 1200W) Display (4K / 2x2K min 75Hz) Software Requirement Maxon Redshift & Maxon C4D training license (optimal MAXON ONE All Our Products in One Bundle EUR 112.64/mo)  

* The quantity of the items can be reduced or increased based on the availability of funding. 

3. Award criteria 

  • Technical offer (40%), which includes: 
  • Quality of the IT equipment (compliance with technical specification requirements (as indicated in Section 2);
  •  Length of warranty; 
  • Financial offer (60%).

4. Bidding documents: 

  • Copy of the certificate of registration
  • Financial offer based on the technical specification listed above along with the unit price
    • VAT excluded
  • Equipment detailed information, including warranty period
  • Confirmation of having no obligation from the Kosovo Tax Administration; 

Të gjitha aplikimet duhet të dorëzohen në GERMIN në mënyrë elektronike në [email protected]  with the subject: MARDI_Tender Notice_Equipment Purchase

The latest date for submitting the applications is November 27, 2022!