February 29, 2024

GERMIN Concludes the MARDI Project with Informative Roundtables

By Bublina Peni-2361 Views-No Comment

On February 29, GERMIN concluded the ‘Municipal Action for Reintegration and Diaspora’ (MARDI) project, supported by Caritas Switzerland in Kosova. GERMIN organized two round tables marking the closure.

A Snapshot from the MARDI Project’s Final Event.
Conversations Around the Round Table.

The roundtable, titled “International Partnerships and Diaspora Investments at the Local Level“, brought together key institutional stakeholders, investors, and experts from Kosova and the diaspora to evaluate Kosova’s current investment landscape.

The discussion explored opportunities and obstacles, with experts from the diaspora emphasizing factors conducive to investment in Kosova. These included the importance of a supportive business environment and centralized access to relevant information for foreign investment.

Discussions identified agriculture, construction, education, energy, information technology, and tourism as the most promising sectors for diaspora investment. Additionally, the roundtable highlighted the significant contributions of the diaspora to Kosova. Moreover, it emphasized the role of remittances in this regard. Furthermore, it discussed strategies for enhancing diaspora integration into Kosova.

During the event, attendees connected and explored diverse topics, fostering meaningful discussions.
Engaging Online Discussions and Active Participation at the Round Tables.

The event also addressed deficiencies and critical challenges requiring attention from institutions and municipalities.

The second roundtable focused on “Catalyzing Local Development through Diaspora Engagement and International Partnerships“. Participants included representatives from municipalities, institutional bodies, and civil society.

Discussions revolved around the potential of twinning municipalities to enhance collaboration between Kosova and municipalities abroad. We explored the advantages and impacts on economic development and cultural exchange. However, we also highlighted challenges such as insufficient diaspora statistics, project scarcity, and the need for innovative approaches to connect municipalities with Kosova’s diaspora.

Other key points included emphasizing interdepartmental coordination, establishing diaspora clubs in municipalities, investing in ICT and tourism, and addressing mutual unfamiliarity between municipalities and diaspora potential. Participants also raised concerns about investment attraction strategies and the availability of economic zone spaces.

Representatives from municipal levels shared insights, outlining steps, challenges, and requirements for establishing channels linking these institutions with the diaspora.

GERMIN will compile a report with recommendations for central and local level institutions, based on discussions held at these tables.