April 19, 2022

GERMIN has signed a contractual agreement with the Western Balkans Fund

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GERMIN has signed a contractual agreement with the Western Balkans Fund, as one of 30 awarded organizations from the Western Balkans 6, part of the fourth call for grants co-funded by the European Union through IPA – Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance.


GERMIN, through this partnership, will implement the project “Enhancing Regional Cooperation of Young Researchers on Migration & Development”. The overall objective of the project is to enhance regional cooperation through providing access to migration think tanks’ research infrastructures for young researchers who can get access to data and mentorship from GERMIN and partner organizations from North Macedonia and Montenegro.


Today, it is easier for the youth of the region to do an exchange program in the countries of the European Union, Turkey or even the countries of North America or Asia than in any neighbouring countries of the Western Balkans. The lack of such opportunities has made issues affecting the entire region such as migration are not addressed from a broader regional perspective than the national one. Also, lack of communication on such issues especially among young researchers in the region has increased the gap for cooperation, hence limiting the impact of any initiative in the field of migration. That is why we will work, through this intervention, to promote and develop cooperation and exchange between young researchers of the region in the field of Migration, Development and Diaspora, but not only.