April 22, 2022

The women from the Diaspora who promoted the homeland through booking.com

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12 years ago, Anita Gjidoda and her sister had decided to travel alone from Croatia to Kosovo and Albania. Although they were born and raised in Croatia, their sense of patriotism has been cultivated since childhood. But this trip was special for Anita, for many reasons. It changed the course of her life forever. As a girl who loved traveling, she has managed to turn her passion into a successful career to promote the beauties of Albania and Kosovo.

Apart from the natural beauties and the Albanian hospitality that were in abundance, there was a crucial thing missing.

“The only thing we were looking for was accommodation in Dhërmi and there were not many alternatives. There were only two online options in order to book a room then.”

It was this logistical shortcoming that would push Anita to do something more to promote Albania. Gradually, her passion for travel developed in parallel with her desire to promote the beauties of Albania and Kosovo.

Shortly after this trip, fate worked in her favor. The travel agency, Booking.com, opened a job position for Albanian speakers in Zabreg. This was a call that, for Anita, would be the turning point in her life. She gave herself one mission: promoting her hometown.

“This was my chance to fulfill my vision and where better than with the biggest travel agency online. I started working with booking in 2013 and worked there for 5 years.”

She made it possible to promote the beauties of Albania online.

“The day I started working on booking, there were only 50 online accommodations throughout Albania. The day I left in 2018, we had five thousand properties registered. Now, when I see Albania as one of the most sought after destinations it makes me feel proud because there have always been stereotypes for my country”.

Anita shared this inspiring story during the “Diaspora Flet 2020” conference, which is organized by Germin every two years. Anita is also a member of the directors’ board of Germin, because she sees this as a way to contribute to her homeland.

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