November 2, 2021

GERMIN held its annual workshop with the Board of Directors

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During October 29-31, GERMIN held its annual workshop with the board of directors, from diaspora, in Kosovo.

For three days in a row, together we discussed the activities of these last 2 years and our projects in the next 2 years according to our 4 year strategy. With a very positive energy, during these three days, we made even clearer our objectives for the engagement of the diaspora in the home countries and very soon we will inform you about some new projects, which we can not wait to implement.

As well as, from 1st of November, after a consensual decision, the governing board of the GERMIN NGO will be led by two persons as co-leaders, Mrs. Anila Hyka-Smorgrav (France) and Mr. Avni Mustafaj (USA). Meanwhile, two new members have joined the GERMIN board.

This retreat brought an immense flow of ideas and cooperation, through hard work and different team building activities GERMIN was able to focus on their mission and brainstorm even more notions. Our annual retreats serve as skill boosting for the team, skills such as linear thinking skills, pre-planning skills, thoughtfulness, decision-making skills, focus and concentration, tolerance, self-confidence, introversion vs. extroversion, risk-taking vs. caution, and so on, are enhanced.