Oktober 7, 2021

Lecture with Arianit Fazliu on”IT Sector and Opportunities for Development”

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On Tuesday, October 5, 2021, GERMIN organized the third lecture entitled “IT Sector and Opportunities for Development” with speaker Arianit Fazliu.

The lecture “IT Sector and Development Opportunities” presented by Arianit Fazliu created a productive discussion between the participants and the speakers. Mr. Fazliu offered his expertise within the industry to young people from Kosovo and Albania as well as from the diaspora community. During the lecture, Arianiti constantly focused on the current state of the IT sector within Kosovo, the opportunities offered by the market, as well as the great demand that the market has regarding the IT profession. Furthermore, Mr. Fazliu engaged in providing practical advice such as access to online training or local academies, the most required programming languages and how to acquire them, the skills that are required in the market today and others.

The personal experiences and difficulties that Mr. Fazliu shared with the participants, gave the discussion an inspiring spirit and oriented towards practical solutions. Being a Software Engineer by profession, Fazliu and his partner Faton Selishta founded KUTIA, a company which is now among the main competitors in the IT market in Kosovo and beyond. The lessons learned during his journey, he shared with the participants and thus provided good examples of how to start a business, how to gain international clients, staff management and more. According to Arianit, the IT sector is not only progressing in Kosovo, but also strategies are being created regarding primary education in the field of IT, thus showing that the present and the future without question is digitalization.

During the discourse, curiosity ignited many questions from the participants related to IT sub-sectors, such as data science or specific programming languages, which were then discussed in detail.

The lecture on “IT Sector and Development Opportunities” was held within the project “Network of Youth Organizations and Associations” supported by the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kosovo and will be followed by a series of lectures on various topics with speakers from the diaspora and Kosovo. The aim of the project is to connect the youth and student groups of Kosovo with those in the diaspora, as well as to strengthen the capacities of young people working in these organizations.

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