September 4, 2022


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Germin is a non-governmental organization that uses technology and virtual  channels to connect and engage Diaspora in advancing the development and  democratization of their home countries. It started in 2011 as an informal group  trying to find its way to connect with the homeland and was formally founded in  2014. Germin is run and supported by a group of Diaspora professionals ranging  from the field of public policy, finance, information, technology, law, education,  security and diplomacy. We have a wide network of professionals and part-time  collaborators currently residing in 24 countries, including the Balkans, Western  Europe, and North America. 

Background: Engaging Diaspora Professionals Program 

The Program for the Engagement of Professionals from the Diaspora (EDP) is a  program that seeks to bring diaspora experts to their homeland to contribute  toward their development by using their expertise and experiences gained in  developed countries. The existing database of GERMIN coincides with more than  30,000 registered professionals worldwide. Therefore, based on this “wealth of  information and database”, GERMIN is implementing the EDP program in Kosovo  and Albania. The program brings professionals for a period between 3 weeks and  6 months with the joining institutions/organizations/private sector depending on  their specific needs.  


The objective of this call is to secure a service provider for the development of the  “Engaging Diaspora Professionals” Platform, its hosting, and its maintenance. The  aim of this platform is to facilitate the networking and communication process  between the local institution/organization/business in need of a specific  service/expertise that could be fulfilled by Diaspora Professionals and the diaspora  professional expressing interest in getting engaged and offering the particular service/expertise to the institution/organization/business.  

GERMIN invites proposals & offers from reputable and qualified companies with a  track record of success in designing and producing digital solutions to develop new  templates for the current interactive database platform for engaging diaspora  professionals. 

The latest date for the submission of applications is September 20, 2022.

For more information, please read the full ToR document: EDP_ToR_Building Platform