Februar 1, 2023

The mosaic of architecture that united Kosovo with the world

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Details make up the mosaic of life

It all started in 2000, in the city of Prishtina, when the architect Adriatik Bytyqi founded TIKI. The studio was initially focused on design and interior design, creating beautiful spaces for clients in Kosovo and other European countries. But the company’s vision always aimed for something more. It was creating designs that not only looked good but were also functional. And so, in 2014, TIKI opened its own carpentry factory, allowing the studio to produce its own unique designs. 

For Adriatik, this was not enough. Therefore, in 2016 he opened a 100-per cent recycled glass mosaic factory.

“This was something that had never been done before in the region, the two production lines, one for recycled mosaic and the other for crystal mosaic, began to produce unique and durable products that could not be found anywhere else.”

The first exports

It was a slow start, but the first sparks of export were starting. The owner of TIKI remembers the exact date of the first export.

“The first export was on 24.03.2015 to Switzerland and then expanded to Albania, Greece, Montenegro, Macedonia, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, and Serbia”.

Then one by one, other countries took notice. Albania, Greece, Montenegro, Macedonia, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, and Serbia all placed orders for TIKI’s unique designs. The studio’s main exports are carpentry and mosaic products, but it also exports its architectural services to projects outside Kosovo.

“Research and marketing of our products are the challenges in terms of product export”, he says.

But Adriatik set a target for TIKI to increase the mosaic market to at least 2,000 square meters of sales per month for export and to reach agreements for standard products such as kitchen, bedroom, and sink for regular export. He wanted to change how people thought about design, to make sustainability and beauty go hand in hand.

TIKI currently has 38 employees divided into four sectors: architectural studio, showroom, carpentry factory, and mosaic factory. The studio also has extensive experience in the carpentry sector, producing quality work for hotels, embassies, and international organizations. TIKI faces the future with great enthusiasm and a clear vision to bring unique, innovative designs and quality, and comfort to customers worldwide.

According to Adriatik, what makes TIKI a special producer in the Balkan market is the production of mosaics from recycled glass.

In addition to the standard catalogue mosaics, TIKI also offers custom artwork that can be tailored to the client’s requirements. The studio’s use of recycled materials promotes sustainability, making TIKI an ideal choice for both the environment and customers. TIKI intends to expand further with new collaborations in many countries of the world.

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