November 3, 2021

GERMIN Board of Directors meeting with the Kosovo’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora

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November 1, Prishtinë. The Board of Directors of GERMIN was received in a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora (MFAD) by the Minister, Mrs. Donika Gërvalla-Schwarz, and Deputy Minister, Mrs. Liza Gashi.
GERMIN board members discussed their commitment over the past years as well as GERMIN projects for the next 2 years towards a stronger diaspora engagement in Kosovo. The board offered support to MFAD for the drafting and implementation of the Law and the New Strategy for the Diaspora, as well as the creation of opportunities for circular migration or exchange of knowledge of experts from the Diaspora in Kosovo institutions.

Other topics of discussion were Kosova’s Cultural Centers abroad, the structure of the foreign service and the engagement of the diaspora in it, as well as the new GERMIN projects that aim at engaging young people from the diaspora in 🇽🇰.

GERMIN will closely follow the work of the Ministry and will constantly advocate for the rights of members of the diaspora as well as its engagement in policy-making and representation of Kosovo in the world. GERMIN is developing a project that will provide MFAD with expertise in policy-making, financial management, as well as recruitment processes. Meanwhile, we are looking forward to monitoring and observing the work of MFAD in regard to these three areas.