November 16, 2021

GERMIN goes GLOBAL: Presented our flagship initiatives to Georgian Institutions

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Lirim Krasniqi from GERMIN was invited last week to share our experience and work of engaging diaspora communities with the #homeland to the relevant institutions of #Georgia.

The conference entitled “Contributing to Local Development in Georgia through Diaspora”, facilitated by the IOM – UN Migration brought together some of the success stories around the world, including GERMIN and The Global Albanians Foundation. We had the chance to discuss to a local and international audience some of our flagship initiatives such as “Engaging Diaspora Professionals” and local “Co-Investment and Networking Forum”, which aim to transfer the know-how and skills of diaspora experts to the homeland, as well as to attract Diaspora Direct Investments (DDI).

Meanwhile, Mark Kosmo, chair of the Global Albanians Foundation (GAF) presented the work of GAF, as a platform that is enabling diaspora philanthropy to support local organizations in Albania, Kosovo, N. Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.

In this conference, we had the chance to get to know what other organizations are doing in regards to diaspora engagement, such as TurkishWIN – a global community of women with cultural, professional or family ties to Turkey, as well as to network and exchange ideas for potential collaboration.

Recognition of our work from international organizations and institutions motivates us to work even harder on our mission to strengthen the ties between our diaspora and the homelands.