September 20, 2022

Parliament of Sweden – Two Albanians are elected MPs

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Two Albanians have already been elected to the Swedish parliament.

The votes from Sweden’s parliamentary elections, held on September 11 of this year, were counted over the weekend, resulting in the election of two Albanians as MPs.

Aida Birinxhiku and Adnan Dibrani joined the Swedish parliament on September 16. This is the third mandate as MP for Dibrani and the first for Birinxhiku.

“Now that the last votes are counted, I have been trusted to once again represent you in the Swedish Parliament. Want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the support”, Dibrani wrote on his Facebook social network.

Additionally, Birinxhiku, through Facebook has thanked all the supporters saying that all this still “feels so unreal”.

“I am very pleased with the campaign that we ran in Halland. We have knocked on doors, stood in the polling booths and made conversations as we’d never had before” Birinxhiku wrote on Facebook, among other things.

Birinxhiku and Dibrani are both MPs from the Swedish Social Democratic Party.