Prill 6, 2022

Tender Notice – Public Relations and Communication Services within the MARDI Project

Nga Germin-554 Shikime-Asnjë koment


For Public Relations and Communication Services within the “Municipal Action for Reintegration and Diaspora” – MARDI Project


Diaspora plays an important role in Kosovo’s economic, social and cultural development. It has given a valuable contribution to the protection of individual and social rights, the preservation of language and identity, the protection of national interests and the economic and social development of Kosovo.  The diaspora’s contribution has been crucial in the past, with it being the main economic contributor and strongest political advocator for the country’s struggles by the end of the 20th century. Diaspora dynamics have changed, with new generations of Kosovo migrants raised and educated in the most developed Western countries. They represent a valuable asset for the country now. However, there are a lot of challenges to creating an environment that encourages and supports them to share and transfer their knowledge, experiences and talents with Kosovo.

In March 2022, GERMIN signed a cooperation agreement with Caritas Switzerland in Kosovo within the MARDI project (Municipal Action for Reintegration and Diaspora). Starting from March, GERMIN is implementing the “Using the Knowledge and Financial Capital of the Diaspora to Impact on the Economic Development of Kosovo Municipalities” component within the MARDI Project.  MARDI project will be implemented over three years throughout Kosovo and implements two other components: Capacity Building for Municipalities and Supporting the Needs of Migrants and their Integration in the country. The overall objective of the project is to use the Diaspora’s know-how and financial capital to instigate and drive economic change and development in Kosovar municipalities. By the end of the project, the expected result includes: the promotion of Kosovar businesses abroad with a specific focus on the diaspora community, generation of Diaspora investments through attractive competitive investment projects, and facilitation of the dialogue between the Diaspora community and Kosovo institutions.

Nature of the Consultancy

In order to inform the general public to the widest extent regarding the project objective and its activities, GERMIN plans to use widely its social media platforms, the official website where it publishes various information regarding the project and local media.  To achieve this objective, GERMIN seeks to contract a company/agency that will deliver an intensive campaign to promote the “Using the Knowledge and Financial Capital of the Diaspora to Impact on the Economic Development of Kosovo Municipalities” component within the MARDI Project. Under the overall supervision of the Project Manager, the successful company will be drafting and finalizing the PR & Communication Campaign for the above-mentioned project.

Tasks to be performed under this service contract: 

  • Project branding design for all promotional materials;
  • Produce stories/communication content (including social media posts, articles, interviews, etc.) over the cycle of the project;
  • Produce short informational videos and animations, presenting key data of eight (8) key investment sectors in Kosovo, and companies that will be promoted among diaspora communities;

Deliverables of the service agreement: 

  • Short informational videos and animations are created and formally accepted by GERMIN;
  • 30 stories/communication pieces (including articles, interviews, etc.) have been produced and formally approved by GERMIN;
  • Designs for project marketing materials have been developed and approved by GERMIN.


 During the service delivery, the contracted company shall:

  • Work closely with the contractee team;
  • Hold regular meetings (online/in-person) with the contractee team;
  • The first and Final drafts of deliverables should always be sent via email;
  • Meet the agreed deadlines and quality standards;
  • Prior to the publishing, deliverables should be approved by the contractee;
  • Ownership & Copyright: The materials will be owned by GERMIN;

The contracting authority shall:

  • Review and comment on the material sent from the contracted company
  • Provide the necessary support to the contracted company
  • Inform the contracted company of changes affecting the service delivery.

Criteria that should be fulfilled by the company: 

  • At least 3 years of relevant experience and a solid portfolio of its work;
  • Eligible to work in Kosovo (must be a registered business in Kosovo)
  • Has the expertise, human resources, and technical capacities required to fulfil the assignments outlined in this ToR;

Application and required documents:

All applications must be submitted to GERMIN electronically at [email protected] with the subject: ToR_Social_Media_and_Branding_Name of the individual/company. The latest date for the submission of the applications is April 12, 2022!

The following documents should be submitted in order for the application to be eligible and further considered: 

  • Letter of Interest (maximum of two pages showing the relevance of their previous experience with this call);
  • Financial offer in accordance with the total working days requested;
  • Proof of eligibility to work in Kosovo (business registration certificate for companies);
  • At least 2 references from previous employers/contracting companies;
  • Professional portfolio;
  •  Confirmation of having no obligation from the Kosovo Tax Administration;


The service delivery will take place from April 2022 until February 2023, with the possibility of extension.