Dezember 17, 2021

How local institutions and well established organizations could be part of a program such as OriginAL?

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On December 11, we launched the #OriginAL, a program that aims to provide a volunteer, educational and cultural experience for Diaspora Youth that will strengthen their sense of ethnic identity and create long-lasting connections, especially with their youth peers in our homeland countries. During the launching we facilitated a panel to shed light on existing activities in Albania and Kosovo, which constitute the reality of the countries of origin. A reality that young people from the diaspora know little or nothing about. In line with the goals of the program, we will discuss how we can create an agenda, which would enable the participants of OriginAL to feel the “truth” of the countries of origin and to connect with it in a way that creates life-long relationships that would serve for positive developments.


  • Liza Gashi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Republic of Kosovo
  • Jehona Gjurgjeala, Executive Director, NGO TOKA
  • Nevila Dudaj, Adriatik Tours LLC
  • Egzon Gashi, Executive Director, Teach for Kosova
  • Çlirim Sheremeti, CEO & Founder, 4-H Kosova
  • Sokol Haxhiu, Country Representative, Western Balkans Democracy Initiative
    • Moderator: Lirim Krasniqi, Co-Executive Director, GERMIN