November 7, 2022

ToR: “Peer-to-peer Diaspora Mentorship Activity” with three Sector Workforce Councils’ Leads (Wood Processing, Agribusiness, and Information and Communication Technology)

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The purpose of the call

The aim of this activity is to use virtual coaching sessions to meet and share ideas and experiences and discuss opportunities for further networking and collaboration between the business sectors’ representative, respectively three Sector Workforce Councils Leads, of sectors of Wood Processing, Agribusiness, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and diaspora mentors.

1. Background and brief description of the project:

The Diaspora plays an important role in the economic, social and cultural development of Kosovo. The contribution of the diaspora has been crucial in the past, being the main economic contributor and the most powerful political advocate for the country’s struggles until the end of the 20th century. The dynamics of the diaspora have changed with the new generations of Kosovo immigrants, raised and educated in the more developed western countries. They represent a valuable asset to our country now. However, there are many challenges to create an environment that encourages and supports the Kosovo diaspora to share and transfer their knowledge, experiences and talents to Kosovo. 

In August 2022, GERMIN signed a cooperation agreement with International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) to implement the “Peer-to-peer Diaspora Mentorships Activity” within the five-year USAID-funded Private Sector-Led Workforce Development Activity in Kosovo (PSWD). USAID PSWD aims to harness the leadership of the private sector to build sustainable and innovative models to develop the Kosovo workforce. The USAID PSWD Activity aims to address system constraints and leverage opportunities in three interrelated areas: skills demand; skills supply; and the enabling environment.

GERMIN’s role is to link diaspora investors, entrepreneurs, and others (and their organizations) with three Sector Workforce Council actors and grant scheme beneficiaries in sectors of Wood Processing, Agribusiness, and ICT. GERMIN will work in collaboration with USAID PSWD Activity to connect with and leverage their extensive network of diaspora organizations to the Councils in order to advance the goals of the PSWD Activity. For this specific call, the aim is diaspora investors to serve as mentors and help three Councils’ Leads to learn from each other through shared experiences and questions and lessons learned. The “Peer-to-peer Diaspora Mentorship Activity” is expected to provide mentorship, virtual technical assistance, host (virtual) internships, and promote 

diaspora investment including corporate social responsibility funds, and investment in training initiatives for three Sector Workforce Councils actors and grant scheme beneficiaries of Wood Processing, Agribusiness, and ICT sectors. 

Responding to the lack of professional expertise in specific thematic areas available, as well as utilizing the potential of exposure to new ideas and working methodologies offered by the diaspora, GERMIN will provide opportunities for collaboration and interaction between three Sector Workforce Councils in Kosovo and diaspora professionals. 

2. Duration of commitment and conditions:

The engagement of experts from diaspora which will serve as mentors to three Sector Workforce Councils Leads, is planned to be virtual, while the nature of the engagement is voluntary and upon agreed schedule between both parties. The format of the work will be determined during the engagement preparation period, which will also be carried over to the written agreement. The engagement of diaspora professionals is planned for the period of end of November 2022 – May 2023, during which period, 8 mentoring sessions will be held. 

3. Tasks to be performed within this commitment:

  • In coordination with GERMIN, the expert is expected to engage on “Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Activity” with Sector Workforce Council Leads, based on their expressed expertise needs and mentoring preferences; 
  • The method of providing the expertise is determined with the mediation of GERMIN and that between the expert and the mentorship beneficiary (Sector Workforce Councils Leads);
  • The expert is expected to follow and fulfill the planned goals, which are defined in a joint agreement signed between the expert and the mentorship beneficiary; 

4. Necessary documents needed to apply: 

  • Motivation letter;
  • CV/Resume;
  • Additional documents;

5. Additional requirements:

In the framework of this cooperation, the additional requirements that are expected to be implemented by the parties are: 

  • To work closely with GERMIN, USAID PSWD Activity and the Sector Workforce Councils Leads in Kosovo; 
  • Work and impact reports on GERMIN to be sent on a weekly or monthly basis, according to agreed deadlines; 
  • USAID PSWD Activity and GERMIN must approve any public postings related to project engagement. 

6. Criteria to be fulfilled by the expert:

  • Have at least one degree obtained in one of the universities of the OECD member states (or in other high-ranking universities) with the preferred level of education – Master’s Degree or equivalent – (other specific types of university education of first level, in combination with relevant experience, will not be excluded); 
  • Previous experience in mentorship activities, preferably in workforce development;
  • Experience in capacity building of Councils or similar bodies is preferable; 
  • Personal motivation and contribution to providing professional support for areas where there is a lack of knowledge and expertise among defined sectors in Kosovo;
  • Concrete plan of activities to be carried out during the commitment period;
  • Three years of living and working in the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). 

7. Application deadline:

Të gjitha aplikimet duhet të dorëzohen në GERMIN në mënyrë elektronike në [email protected] with subject: Peer-to-Peer Diaspora Mentorship Activity Application. The last date for submission of applications is 25 November 2022.