February 7, 2022

Diaspora for Women Entrepreneurs: GERMIN’s newest collaboration with USAID Kosovo Compete

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Diaspora for Women Entrepreneurs is a GERMIN project which is supported by the USAID Kosovo Compete Activity. Through this project, GERMIN aims to facilitate the connection of women-owned and co-owned/or managed businesses in Kosovo with businesses and business professionals in the diaspora to accelerate their business growth through mentorship, coaching, and networking.

Women, especially those who have business aspirations face a lot of struggles. Through this project, GERMIN aspires to help women by giving support and opportunities to expand their businesses. Kosovo has a diverse diaspora community from which it can leverage support, especially in terms of know-how, expertise, geographical location, etc. The financial and human potential of the diaspora community has so far not been fully explored beyond remittances.Therefore, there is a gap when it comes to strengthening and building partnerships with the diaspora community in terms of business and professional attainment. Hence, through this project, GERMIN as a pioneer in working with the diaspora community, aims to foster connections and partnerships among these two targeted groups, namely women-owned businesses in Kosovo and diaspora-owned businesses and business professionals, to accelerate Kosovo businesswomen’s growth, know-how, export readiness, and market linkages.

More specifically, the project aims to target export-oriented women-owned businesses in Kosovo and improve their position within the private sector, their export competitiveness, and access to the regional and international markets. As such, one of the milestones of this project is to increase the access of women-owned businesses to regional and international markets and improve the digital presence/activity of Kosovo businesswomen through a mentorship program, B2B meetings, and roadshows.

First mentorship cohort: December 2021 – June 2022

During this period, GERMIN will identify and select Kosovo women-owned businesses and diaspora-owned businesses; Conduct preparations and get-to-know each other meetings among participants; Conduct a 7-month mentorship program with 10 women-owned businesses from Kosovo (at least 20 individuals) and 10 diaspora-owned businesses; Monitor and evaluate the progress of the mentorship through different means of verification;  Identify and select businesses and stakeholders in the national, regional, and international level and send invitations; Prepare and coordinate with women-owned businesses that will showcase their products services; Conduct the first business-to-business meeting in a European country.

February – March 2022 – The first business-to-business meeting 

April – May 2022 – The first roadshow

July – August 2022 – The mid-evaluation

Second mentorship cohort: July 2022 – January 2023

as in the first cohort, GERMIN during the second mentorship cohort will identify and select Kosovo women-owned businesses and diaspora-owned businesses; Conduct a preparatory and get-to-know each other meeting among participants; Conduct a 7-month mentorship program with 10 women-owned businesses. The second business-to-business meeting will take place from November – to December 2022. The second business roadshow will take place in January 2023.

Final Conference: March 2023

After the conclusion of the second mentorship cohort, GERMIN will host a final conference.  The conference will be attended by all beneficiaries, target groups, and stakeholders, with around 100 participants.