July 27, 2021

Survey Report: Global Albanians Youth Movement

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The potential of the diaspora to stimulate and promote development in their homelands has gained significant interest in recent years. Most of the studies on diaspora and their contribution to the development of their home countries focus on remittances as a factor for development. However, there is little to no research made into the interests and perceptions of the younger generations living in Diaspora regarding their connection with the homeland country. This survey aims to establish a Global Network of Albanian youth. The results are a snapshot of the attitudes and behaviors – including thoughts, opinions, and comments – of Albanian youth around the world.

This valuable feedback is the baseline to measure and establish a benchmark from which to compare results over time. The movement aims to promote positive change in Albanian communities around the world by identifying, connecting, and engaging Albanian youth (group ages 14-18, 19-24, 25-30) in both homeland countries (Albania, Kosova, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Presevo Valley) and the diaspora through language, cultural, heritage, personal, and professional development programs. In order to achieve these objectives, the project consists of a research study to generate an overall understanding of the diaspora and homeland youth’s potential for cooperation and engagement.

Read the full report here: Global Albanians Youth Movement – Research Report