May 12, 2021

Analysis of the Out-of-Country Voting for the Kosovo Assembly Elections, held on February 14, 2021

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Citizens of the Republic of Kosovo living Out-of-Country have the right to elect and to be elected similarly as everybody else living in Kosovo. Republic of Kosovo through the Constitution1 and its legislation enables the exercise of electoral rights for all citizens without distinction, regardless of the place where they live. Electoral rights fall within the framework of basic rights, and are guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and laws into force, but also by international conventions/documents.

In Kosovo Out-of-Country Voting is allowed for all types of elections. Non-resident citizens can vote by mail in the local or central elections, after being successfully registered to vote at the Central Election Commission (CEC). But, although there is a large number of citizens living Out-of-Country, and the interest to vote from Out-of-Country is over the years, their participation in the elections in Kosovo continues to be a complex process, followed by recurring problems.

Out-of-Country Voting since the first elections after the declaration of independence has not been treated with priority and the problems reported during the election cycles have not been sufficiently addressed. This has made the electoral potential Out-of-Country difficult to participate in democratic processes in the Republic of Kosovo, which has also affected the reduction of credibility on institutions.
Regardless the positive assessment of the progress of elections within the country, Out-of-Country Voting continues to be problematic during the electoral processes in Kosovo. Problems with the registration, delivery and receipt of ballot/s envelopes from Out-of-Country , as well as the lack of proper information and education of voters, have plagued followed almost every election cycle. These and other problems have not been addressed by the relevant institutions and superficial changes such as enabling the application for registration by e-mail from 2017, have not improved the process, which was proofed even by the elections of February 14, 2021.

This analysis aims to address the impediments in the Out-of-Country Voting process, and provides a detailed overview of all electoral operations within it. The analysis presents the data and results of the Out-of-Country Voting during the last elections for the Kosovo Assembly 2021

You can read/download the Analysis by clicking on the links below. It is available in: Albanian and English.


Eng: Analysis of the Out-of-Country Voting for the Kosovo Assembly Elections, held on February 14, 2021

Alb: Analiza e votimit nga jashtë vendit – Zgjedhjet për Kuvendin e Kosovës – 14 Shkurt 2021

Srb: Analiza glasanja iz inostranstva na izborima za Skupštinu Kosova održanim 14. februara 2021. godine