September 27, 2021

Lecture with Mentor Dida on Leadership and Wellbeing

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On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, GERMIN organized the first lecture within the project “Network of Youth Organizations and Associations” with the speaker Mentor Dida.

Mentor Dida and the lecture, which focused on leadership and well-being, brought together young people from Kosovo and the diaspora community. Dida considers himself a social entrepreneur as well as a changemaker, in addition to that, during his Bachelor and Master studies in the United States of America, he co-started many initiatives such as Sustainability Leadership Kosovo, the Two Dollar Challenge at ASU and many others. He explored all of these initiatives in more detail during the lecture thus sharing personal experiences with the participants and highlighting how each experience has influenced his shaping as a changemaker and who he is today.

Mentor also shared his experiences of migrating to the United States, the first steps of career guidance and life in the diaspora, therefore indirectly giving practical lessons and advice to the participants. Further, Dida highlighted the characteristics of a leader and how this relates to personal well-being and self-care. He also touched upon what are the ways that everyone can make a difference in the community starting with changes and behaviors in themselves and the people around them. Mentor’s inspiring and motivating lecture also sparked a fruitful discussion with the participants, who also shared their experiences, plans and dreams for the future.

The combination of both topics, the choice of the Mentor to return to Kosovo after 12 years of study and work in the United States of America and the contribution he makes to Kosovo, was crucial. Given that the participants were young people from Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Greece, Belgium and other countries where the Albanian diaspora is centered, discussing concrete steps on how everyone can network with peers around the world and thus contribute to their home country is of great importance.

The lecture on leadership and welfare was organized within the project “Network of Youth Organizations and Associations” supported by the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kosovo and will be followed by a series of lectures on various topics and speakers from diaspora and Kosovo. The project aims to network youth and student organizations from Kosovo with those in the diaspora and build the capacity of young people active in these organizations.

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