Februar 8, 2024

Intercom’s Success at the Albanian Business Fair in Austria

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Discover the entrepreneurial journey of Armend Jakupi, leading Intercom since 2013. Specializing in work shoes and uniforms, Intercom has thrived under Armend's leadership. Supported by GERMIN, Armend ventured into the Albanian Business Fair in Austria in October 2023, securing impactful partnerships with four Vienna-based businesses.

A decade ago, Armend Jakupi from Prizren turned his vision into reality by establishing Intercom. Additionally, focusing on high-quality workwear and footwear production, he was committed to excellence and innovation. Transitioning from his initial idea to the actualization of his company, Armend’s dedication and perseverance have been instrumental in driving Intercom’s success.

Furthermore, as Intercom evolved, it expanded its offerings beyond footwear to include premium workwear. Alongside catering to local markets, the company actively engages in international trade. In 2019, Intercom achieved a significant milestone by exporting its products to Switzerland, showcasing its commitment to global expansion and product quality.

Armend Jakupi promoting his business at the Business Fair in Vienna.

Armend reflects on the company’s humble beginnings: “Our journey started by collaborating with local suppliers for workwear and footwear. As our team grew, we fostered a familial work environment while maintaining professionalism and sincerity towards our customers.”

Despite facing challenges along the way, Armend’s determination has enabled Intercom to adapt to market dynamics and emerging trends effectively. Today, Intercom boasts a workforce of 30 employees, with numerous contracted workers furthering the company’s mission.

Intercom’s Benefits from GERMIN Activities

On October 21, 2023, Intercom, supported by GERMIN and Caritas Switzerland in Kosovo, actively participated in the fourth edition of the Albanian Business Fair in Vienna, Austria. Moreover, showcasing its products alongside other Albanian businesses, Intercom seized the opportunity to expand its network and explore new market possibilities.

Armend Jakupi discusses his leadership role in the company and its product line.

This event brought together around 100 businesses from the diaspora, Kosovo, and the Presheva Valley for productive business-to-business (B2B) meetings and networking sessions. The fair served as a platform for businesses to showcase their products, forge connections, and explore new markets. Additionally, it facilitated knowledge sharing and expertise exchange, fostering broader business growth opportunities.

In this edition, GERMIN supported 20 Kosovo businesses across various sectors through the ‘Municipal Action for Reintegration and Diaspora – MARDI’ project.

Intercom’s involvement in the event led to collaboration agreements with four Vienna-based businesses specializing in construction and textiles. Notable partnerships include “Timi Trans,” “Ekimtex,” “SH2 Schwarzdeckerei GmbH,” and “Aurus Real Estate.” These collaborations signify a significant milestone for Intercom, expanding its reach into new markets and sectors.

Timi Trans is among the businesses Intercom has signed agreements with, thanks to the Business Fair in Vienna.

Armend emphasizes his enduring engagement with GERMIN: “Since its inception, I’ve been actively involved with GERMIN due to its clear and impactful concept, benefiting both companies and our country.”

The Albanian Business Fair in Vienna marks a pivotal moment in Intercom’s history, positioning the company for continued collaboration and increased visibility within the global construction and textile industries.

Armend Jakupi’s active participation in networking sessions during the 4th edition of the Albanian Business Fair in Austria boosts visibility and connections.
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Armend Jakupi discussing Intercom’s activities.

This article was written within the “Municipal Action for Reintegration and Diaspora” – MARDI project, financed by Caritas Switzerland in Kosovo and implemented by GERMIN.