Global Albanians Foundation – GAF

GERMIN collaborates closely with the Global Albanians Foundation to jointly advance Global Albanian Diaspora Philanthropy.The Global Albanians Foundation aims to cultivate Albanian philanthropy worldwide, particularly among the diaspora, to address significant social, economic, and cultural challenges and drive growth and development in Albanian homeland nations.

The Global Albanians Foundation (GAF) has launched various initiatives to support Albanians residing in Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia.

The goal of the Global Albanians Foundation (GAF) is to leverage the substantial resources of the large Albanian diaspora to provide funding for high-impact, innovative not-for-profit organizations in the region through crowdfunding and online donations. The GAF aims to redirect a portion of these resources toward the economic and social development of the area. Additionally, the Global Albanians Foundation (GAF) acts as a vital institutional mechanism for the Albanian diaspora to support their homeland. This support will be critical in compensating for the decreased funding from traditional international donors experienced by not-for-profit organizations in the region over the past few decades.

GAF has raised funds for dozens of different initiatives, but the most important are as follows:

  • OriginAL fundraise 
  • Spendenaktion für das Netzwerk von Fachkräften der Diaspora
  • Spendenaktion zur Unterstützung von Müttern und Kindern
  • Spendenaktion zur Erdbebenhilfe in Albanien
  • COVID-19 Relief Fundraisers