Youth and Education

Engaging the youth, both from the diaspora and Kosovo, in educational programs is crucial to address the lack of youth qualification for contemporary jobs in Kosovo. Reports suggest that many students complete their education without gaining the skills necessary for the labour market. To bridge this gap, a public-private partnership is needed, and Germin is well-suited to facilitate this partnership. With its focus on contemporary information technologies and virtual channels of collaboration, Germin can help youth gain the skills necessary for the job market. Activities such as inviting young business owners to speak to high school students, developing an online resource hub for youth, offering leadership and essential skills workshops, and establishing a mentorship program can help youth gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. With its connections with businesspeople in Kosovo and abroad and a large database of Diaspora professionals who can mentor and guide youth, Germin is well-equipped to support the education of young people in Kosovo and help them transition into the workforce.

GERMIN engages youth in education through various programs such as OriginAL, which is a volunteer, educational, and cultural experience for Albanian diaspora youth in their homelands. Another initiative is the “Advancing partnership with diaspora for children and young people in Kosovo” UNICEF project, which provided paid internships for 50 young people at 21 diaspora companies. GERMIN also collaborated with the German Development Agency (GIZ) to engage Albanian diaspora professionals in short-term engagements in their home countries through the Engaging Diaspora Professionals platform. These programs aim to connect the diaspora youth with their countries of origin and transfer knowledge and experiences gained abroad to benefit their homeland.