Advocacy and Diplomacy

Advocacy and diplomacy play a crucial role in engaging the diaspora, especially when addressing social issues and monitoring the implementation of legislation related to their rights. The Virtual Democracy project is one example of how advocacy and diplomacy can be used to empower diaspora communities through online training measures, communication channels, and awareness-raising campaigns. By providing a platform for representatives to voice their opinions and engage in democratic processes, the project can help build stronger ties between diaspora communities and local NGOs, leading to more effective advocacy and policy-making. Similarly, Germin’s proposed monitoring practices for Kosovo’s diaspora strategy can help ensure that legislation is implemented effectively and that the voices of the diaspora are heard in decision-making processes. Through advocacy and diplomacy, diaspora communities can become active and engaged citizens, contributing to positive social change in their countries of origin and new homes.

One of the projects is the Diaspora Flet Conference, which aims to provide a platform for diaspora members to voice their opinions and bring together a diverse range of individuals to envision its role in the coming decades. Another project is the Western Balkan Fund, which GERMIN implemented in partnership with six fellows from North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Kosovo who conducted research projects on various migration and development-related topics. GERMIN also partnered with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to investigate the effect of inflation on remittances flowing from the diaspora to Kosovo. These projects showcase how advocacy and diplomacy are used within GERMIN to achieve its objectives.