Diaspora Philanthropy

Diaspora philanthropy is essential in promoting social welfare and development in many countries. Germin is one organisation that recognises the importance of diaspora philanthropy, and it is working to promote Albanian Diaspora philanthropy and charity to support Albanian not-for-profit organisations in Albania, Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro, and the Presheva Valley. The Global Albanians Foundation (GAF), founded in 2018 in the USA, is one way Germin promotes diaspora giving. The GAF serves as an online platform for Albanian not-for-profit organisations to raise money, enabling members of the Global Albanian Community to donate directly to organisations and projects they would like to support. The GAF is instrumental in providing a credible link to diaspora-based organisations, facilitating online donations and reducing the costs of diaspora philanthropy. Additionally, the GAF provides a mechanism for Albanian Diaspora donors to receive tax deductions for their donations, which they cannot receive when donating directly to Western Balkan organisations. Ultimately, diaspora philanthropy through organisations like the GAF is crucial in promoting the growth and development of communities in need.

Germin collaborates with GAF to advance Albanian Diaspora Philanthropy, supporting not-for-profits in Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia through crowdfunding and online donations, redirecting diaspora resources toward economic and social development, compensating for decreased funding from traditional international donors, with initiatives including OriginAL, Diaspora Professionals Network, Helping Mothers and Children, Albania Earthquake Relief, and COVID-19 Relief.