Start date: March 2022
End date: February 2024

Donor: CARITAS Switzerland through the Municipal Action for Reintegration and Diaspora

In March 2022, GERMIN signed a cooperation agreement with Caritas Switzerland in Kosovo within the MARDI project (Municipal Action for Reintegration and Diaspora). 

GERMIN implemented the “Using the Knowledge and Financial Capital of the Diaspora to Impact on the Economic Development of Kosovo Municipalities”, a component within the MARDI project.

The project’s ultimate goal was to leverage the expertise and financial resources of the Diaspora to spur economic progress and growth in Kosovo’s municipalities. The project had several key objectives, including promoting Kosovo businesses to the Diaspora community, attracting Diaspora investment through attractive investment opportunities, establishing twinning relationships between Kosovo municipalities and EU municipalities, and facilitating communication and collaboration between the Diaspora and Kosovo institutions. The end goal was to harness the expertise and financial resources of the Diaspora to drive economic development and growth in Kosovo’s municipalities.

GERMIN temporarily brought ten diaspora experts to Kosovo during the project’s implementation.  During their stay, they provided their expertise to various institutions in Kosovo.

Additionally, GERMIN facilitated the establishment of a twinning agreement between the Municipality of Suhareka Kosovo, and Fellbach in Germany. As part of the twinning agreement, the Suhareka Municipality received a donation of technological equipment.