Hilmi Gashi


Hilmi Gashi (member) Switzerland. During the 90s political and economic crisis in Kosova, Mr. Gashi stopped his studies in the University of Prishtina, in the Faculty of Economics and migrated to Switzerland.  In 1992 he restarted his studies in the University of Freiburg, within the Economic Faculty, where he also completed his Master studies to become an “Manager of the non-profit organisations”. His professional career in Switzerland is a typical one of a migrant. In the beginning he worked as a painter, and later he worked as a translator and official in a local radio. After he left radio RaBe, he started working for the Swiss Red Cross as a coordinator within the informing and job center for the refugees coming from Kosovo. From 2005, Mr. Gashi has been a part of the UNIA syndicate. Beside his professional achievements, Mr. Gashi is an active volunteer for Albanian Diaspora. Amongst others, he is part of the leading platform albinfo.ch, as a leader of the Integration Commision for the city of Bern and co-director of the ‘Solidarité sans frontiers’ Association which is an advocate for the migrants rights.

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