This policy defines the framework for quality management in Germin.

Germin is a non-governmental organization that aims to strengthen the ties between the Albanian diaspora and the mother countries. The Non-Governmental Organization Germin serves as a bridge for intensifying exchanges and contributions from the diaspora to develop and democratize the countries of origin. 

Germin through the provision of our services and projects, we aim to fulfill the objectives of the organization. The organization will show a special commitment to meeting the demands and expectations of interested parties and legal requirements. Our permanent aim and commitment has been and will be to offer you quality in the services and projects of the organization. 

A team of highly motivated staff determined to provide the highest level of service. Our strength comes from our commitment to our customers, partners, and employees. Our goal is to provide quality services that fully meet our clients’ and legal requirements, ensure a stable financial condition, and fulfill the interests of the organization’s partners. 

Through the implementation of the quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard (SMC), we will achieve the fulfillment of the requirements of society in general. Simultaneously with implementing the management system, we will achieve improvement through innovations, standardization of processes and their improvement, leadership of the organization, and monitoring. 

To achieve our goal, the management and employees of Germin are obliged to: 

  • Meet the requirements, needs, and expectations of partners, donors, and those who serve you;
  • Act according to shared responsibilities and established procedures; 
  • Continuously fulfill the requirements arising from the European directives for services;
  • Work continuously to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of work processes and personnel skills;
  • They act in a preventive manner to avoid non-conformities;
  • Recognize, implement, and review the quality management policy. The established obligations can only be achieved with the knowledge, professionalism, experience, and motivation of the workers, raising their skills as well as keeping up with technological development and market demands.

Prishtina, 18.12.2023

Co-Executive Directors: Sihana Bejtullahu & Lirim Krasniqi