Diaspora Professionals

Diaspora studies suggest that any given country does not have just one diaspora, but many diasporas. Precisely, each profession is a kind of mini-diaspora and engaging Diaspora professionals can be valuable for countries of origin. Grounded in these findings, Germin will work on establishing professional networks of Diaspora members belonging to various professions (i.e. education professionals, finance, diplomacy, medicine etc.). For example, educational professionals will have their own network, and so will members belonging to other professions. In order to create these networks, we will develop an online, interactive, platform where professionals will be invited to join and start collaborating with other people in the same profession.


The main goal of this project will be to organize Diaspora professionals and create the largest database of Diaspora professionals.Additionally, we are interested in engaging these professionals so that they contribute to Kosovo’s development. We aim to facilitate collaboration among them, and between them and professionals in Kosova. Creating databases of Diaspora professions will then allow both Germin and other organizations to reach out to a large number of professionals who want to contribute to Kosovo through various projects.


1. Develop an online platform where professionals can register and interact with each other. In addition to having individual profiles of those who register, this platform will also have chat rooms, FAQs, and an online library with information about Diaspora and its ability to contribute to development.

2. Identify and reach out to professionals in order to harness their skills and facilitate a skills transfer.

3. Develop Diaspora Co-working spaces in Kosovo, which can be used by Diaspora professionals when they visit Kosovo. This space can be used by registered members of the Diaspora who need an office for work while they are in Kosovo. Increasingly, people are either working from remote locations (such as their homes) or they are self-employed. This is the case for Diaspora members as well. Therefore, to accommodate those Diaspora members who come to visit/live in Kosovo while working remotely, we will create co-working spaces. In addition to providing individuals with a necessary space, these spaces can also become hubs where both diaspora members and Kosovars can interact, create connections and share ideas .

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