Advocacy and Diplomacy

Post a fact/story about Diaspora (KS, ALB or Balkans) involving some type of graphic each day. This fact will be published daily on our social media and perhaps on a specific tab/category in our website. Facts can be numbers, graphs, quotes, even anecdotes, 140 character stories, etc.


Advocate for Diaspora issues, enhance knowledge and importance for KS, AL, ensure Germin remains the sole and best go-to-Diaspora organization, increase our social media following and be known. Can also serve as an advocacy tool for DSP.


Develop a strategy, a graphic template, generate list of 222 facts for year 1; post them daily on social media and/or website. This could take 10 days of research, and 10 minutes every day afterwards. An Intern can implement it. We will keep a Google Spreadsheet, and add facts to it as we go (anyone can) and the intern prepares and posts it.

  • Create an advisory board tasked with selecting ambassadors each month;
  • Compile and feature the profiles of five to ten ambassadors each month
  • Develop website to 1) present project scope; 2) feature winners in an interactive way; 3) have a place where people can nominate diaspora people/organizations/communities.
  • Partner with the private sector in order to secure gifts and/or free flights for Ambassadors who want to come to Kosovo;
  • Nominate to become Ambassador of the Year;
  • Organize a public cocktail event to publicly acknowledge the ambassadors (preferably to be held during the summer);
  • Design and publish a Diaspora Ambassador Yearbook (or e-Yearbook);


Virtual Diplomacy


Virtual Democracy is a project that creates NGOs capable of channeling the voice of the community in addressing social issues. The objective will be achieved through developing intensive online training measures and capacity building programs, creation of communication and awareness raising channels as well as granting of projects from local non-government organizations. The majority of the trainings will take place online where organization representatives will have freedom of expression and will enhance democratic engagement and political development. The project will use open forums, trainings, seminars and media to empower participants to learn and practice democracy in their everyday life.

Monitoring of Diaspora Strategy


Much of Kosovo’s legislature on Diaspora has been developed in consultation with the EU and abides to EU Standards. However, the implementation of this legislature has not been monitored in the past. Therefore, there is lack of information about the impact of this legislature on Diaspora’s engagement with Kosovo’s institutions. In order to address this gap, Germin proposed to develop and implement monitoring practices for the strategy. Seeing that Germin focuses its work on Kosovo’s Diaspora, their rights and the issues which they face, it is well suited to also monitor this strategy. That is, our work with the Diaspora gives us insight into how the strategy is being implemented and what needs to change in order for the strategy to reach its potential.