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The Structured Dialogue for Diaspora Rights

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Engaging diaspora, streamlining their needs,  and promoting their rights.

Kosovo’s diaspora is a key contributor to the country’s economy and its social and political development. In order to recognize their invaluable contributions and encourage them to reach their full potential, Germin has embarked on an initiative to advocate for greater social and political rights of the Diaspora. The Structured Dialogue for Diaspora Rights (SDDR) initiative seeks to establish collaboration between communities living abroad and public institutions in Kosovo. Using contemporary technologies and informal channels of collective advocacy, we aim to facilitate Diaspora engagement in policy-making processes. The SDDR will ease communication and discussions between state institutions and the diaspora through a diaspora-tailored advocacy group with a presence in Kosovo’s institutions.

The main goals of the SDDR are to:

  • Create a structured network of Diaspora members who are aware of their social and political rights;
  • Develop mechanisms for engaging the Diaspora in policymaking processes; and
  • Empower diaspora members to participate in policymaking processes in Kosovo.