Conference Diaspora Flet

The primary objective of GERMIN remains to foster a connection between the diaspora and their countries of origin. Along with various projects, GERMIN aims to achieve this through the “Diaspora Flet” conference. As the name suggests, the conference seeks to empower diaspora members by providing them with a platform to voice their opinions. The conference brings together a diverse range of individuals, including industry professionals, businesses, community leaders, activists, and experts from across the world, to reflect on the past 20 years of engagement by the Albanian diaspora and envision its role in the coming two decades.

The first “Diaspora Flet” conference took place in 2018 and attracted over 300 attendees, including Albanian professionals, scholars, leaders, politicians, and business representatives from 24 countries. The event was a resounding success and paved the way for the second edition of the conference, which GERMIN organized in partnership with its US-based sister organization, the Global Albanians Foundation, in 2020.

Six hundred eighty-nine people from the diaspora and the region actively participated in the conference, while the sessions were followed separately by 2,841 people. Participants were from twenty-six countries, and 117 speakers contributed to it, among whom professionals from various fields, politicians, and influential community members shared their knowledge in 25 thematic discussion sessions/panels. Seventeen exhibitors (companies and organizations) showcasing their products and services participated virtually.

The three-day conference was structured around three main themes: Advocacy and Diplomacy, Business and Investments, and Human Capital and Education.

The first day focused on exploring Diaspora Engagement through advocacy and diplomacy, with discussions and presentations centered on this topic.

The second day of the conference was dedicated to discussions about the Economic Engagement of the Diaspora – Building trust to invest in their countries of origin.

The third day of the conference highlighted the transfer of knowledge and skills from the diaspora to their home countries. The discussions revolved around how the professional diaspora can build a skilled workforce and promote knowledge creation in their countries of origin.