Diaspora Flet is a Conference which brings together Diaspora members to engage and connect directly with the public institutions, to cooperate and advocate for their economical, social and political rights. The programme of the conference includes speakers, participants and policy makers from Kosovo, Albania, Northern Macedonia and other Diaspora members from Northern America and Europe, and also brings leading experts in the field of Diaspora engagement. Together these individuals will discuss the global practices and opportunities of networking and cooperation between Diaspora, development and diplomacy. 


  • Advancement of the Diaspora members requests and recommendations regarding their political and social rights.
  • Development of platforms to tap the diaspora potential in the development of their home countries
  • Improvement in the Voting process for the Diaspora members
  • To improve and increase the supplementary classes of the Albanian language in Diaspora 
  • To increase the Diaspora political representation in the home countries
  • A solution for the “Green Card” policy for the Diaspora members who enter Kosovo with their cars
  • Increase of the Diaspora members engagement in the important processes (political, social and economic) in the home countries


  • 17 May 2018, during the opening ceremony of the “Diaspora Flet” Conference, Liza Gashi, former Germin’s Program Director gave the opening speech which welcomed the participants and emphasized their importance for the development of their home countries. A speaker during this conference was also Mr. Kingsley Aikins, founder and director of Diaspora Matters (Ireland) who gave the best global practices of tapping the Diaspora potential. Among the panelists of the first panel of this conference were the then Ministers of Diaspora in Kosovo, Albania and Northern Macedonia. 
  • 18 May 2018, Diaspora Flet conference continued its journey in Kosovo parliament, the most important institution of Kosovo where the main figures of the Diaspora activists and then Germin’s  Executive Director, Mr. Behar Xharra, addressed the main requests and recommendations to the deputies of the parliament and the then Chair of the Parliament, Mr. Kadri Veseli regarding the Diaspora.
  • On the very same day, 6 Task Groups of the Germin’s strategy, had parliamentary meetings with the respective Elected Commissions of the Kosovo Parliament. (Committee on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora;Committee on Education, Science, Technology, Innovation, Culture and Sports; Committee on Legislation, Mandates, Immunities, Rules of procedure of the Assembly and Oversight of the Anti-Corruption Agency; Committee on Economy, Employment, Trade, Industry, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Investments ) 
  • 10 Panels with topics on: Exchange of skills, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Investments, Philanthropy, Development, Technology, Education & Culture, European Integration etc.
  • 20 May Visits in 3 different municipalities in Kosovo: Prizren, Mitrovice, and Kamenice.