The Fellowship program of GERMIN in partnership with the Parliament of Kosovo aims to give an opportunity to Diaspora graduates to work directly with members of parliament (MPs) and parliamentary committees on a wide range of projects. Fellows will choose to work in one or more of our key areas which include diaspora members’ civil and political rights, attracting foreign investments, open data, rechanneling remittances, etc. This project will facilitate and strengthen the relationship between Diaspora communities and homeland through mechanisms which enable qualified Diaspora graduates to directly contribute to Kosovo’s parliament through the provision of professional services towards policy-making process


  • Establishment of a network of Diaspora fellows that collaborate with MPs and parliamentary committees on numerous research projects. 
  • Develop a yearly fellowship program which would engage up to 10-15 Diaspora fellows each year to work with the MPs and parliamentary committees. 
  • A collaborative environment where Diaspora fellows will get opportunities to work as a team and co-create research.
  • They will be expected to produce policy reports, police notes and analyses that relate to parliamentary and MPs’ work. All fellows will be asked to use the blog of the fellowship to promote their engagement and share their experience with the Kosovo public and their fellow diaspora community.


  • Quarterly talks on different topics with the goal of creating links between the Diaspora fellows and public servants in Kosovo. 
  • During the period of the fellowship, all selected applicants will have an opportunity to participate in various events and workshops, work directly with selected MPs for the fellowship, as well as provide research support to different parliamentary committees