Start date: November 2020

End date: May 2022

A large number of people from Albania and Kosovo work and operate in Germany or are or have completed their studies and are professionally trained. All the knowledge and experiences gained in a developed country like Germany are more than necessary in Kosovo and Albania. This effort began in February 2021 in collaboration with the German Development Agency (GIZ), launching a pilot program of the Global Albanian Professionals Network, which engaged 30 diaspora professionals residing in Germany.

The goal of this program was matching the needs of institutions in Kosovo and Albania with professionals from the diaspora, who are willing to engage with their homeland for a short-term engagement.

To inform Albanian diaspora professionals residing in Germany, GERMIN, and GIZ hosted meetings with Albanian students in Germany. Additionally, we organized a workshop with CSOs from Albania and Kosovo focused on “Raising awareness for cooperation with the diaspora.”

With the support of GIZ, we hosted another workshop with diaspora professionals to discuss the most effective methods for their involvement in our country.