Germin proposes the DiasporaED, an initiative that aims to engage highly qualified Diaspora professionals to share their know-how and skill transfer through presentations, talks and design-thinking workshops to at least 1000 high school students age 15-18 in 10 municipalities in Kosovo. We find this initiative very much needed and important for the future or our country. We believe that by investing in the civic education of young people, we support the overall development of a democratic society by increasing the pool of citizens who can contribute positively to co-create our future of Kosovo. 


  1. Development of an interactive and moving discussion & lecture-based format to empower the next generation of young leaders in Kosovo. 
  2. Prepare the next generation of high school students for career guidance, by maximizing their potential through the application of non-formal methodologies (i.e public discussion, lectures) to understand the skills-set they possess, gaps and opportunities;
  3. To strengthen youngsters communication skills including public speaking, presentation skills, and communication;
  4. Empower high schoolers to become future leaders of Kosovo by  boosting their self-confidence and soft-skills; and
  5. Leveraging diaspora’s expertise  to support the development of the educational sector at home through know-how and skill transfer


  1. “How to achieve in life” lecture – Mark Kosmo (U.S.A.), “Xhevdet Doda” High School, Prishtina  
  2. “Education and soft skills” lecture – Muhamet Idrizi (Germany), “Lufti Musiqi” High School, Vushtrri
  3. “To stay in Kosovo or to move abroad” – Avni Mustafaj (U.S.A.), “Andrea Durrsaku” High School, Kamenica
  4. “Becoming a Graphic Designer in a connected world” – Gasper Sopi (Croatia), “Adem Kastrati” High School, Gjilan
  5. “The changemaker journey” – Mentor Dida (U.S.A.), Virtual lecture
  6. “It’s never too late to study” – Zymryte Hoxhaj (Germany), Virtual lecture
  7. “Youth exchange opportunities and skills” – Ilira Aliaj, Virtual lecture
  8. “Travelling abroad with a Kosovo Passport” – Lavdi Zymberi, Virtual lecture
  9. “Three degrees in three languages” – Tringe Krasniqi, Virtual lecture
  10. “To live through art” – Vlashent Sata, Virtual lecture