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GERMIN will leverage its Diaspora network of professionals, businesses and associations/organizations to facilitate the process of identification, matching and placement of 30 Diaspora experts into host institutions (government, civil society, and businesses) in Albania and Kosovo with the potential to have high impact in individual institutions’ capacities and/or product development. These professionals are individuals who come from the Albanian/Kosovar community in Germany and this is a project which is supported by the Center for International Migration and Development (CIM) in Germany. 


  • Generate a preliminary list of potential candidate institutions/beneficiaries to host highly qualified German Diaspora experts;
  • Map institutional needs and generate Terms of Reference for the short-listed beneficiaries; 
  • Design a designated section within Diaspora Flet and an online form for call for experts, and promote widely across partners and networks;
  • Identification of host institutions in Albania and Kosovo 
  • Identification of relevant mid-level or senior Diaspora experts in Germany
  • Develop partnerships with German employers for short-term release of their staff
  • Develop an alumni Network and Engage with Public Outreach


  • Orientational Focus Group with the Diaspora Stakeholders at the Embassy of Kosovo in Berlin, December 2019.
  • Diaspora Professionals Survey which was filled out by more than 900 professionals living abroad regarding their interest and willingness to engage professionally in their country of origin.
  • Cooperation Agreements between Diaspora Professionals and respective institutions and organizations in Kosovo (Ministry of Agriculture, Oncological Clinic of Kosovo, UBT College, AAB University, Agency of Labor, Municipality of Hani Elezit, and Peer Education Network). Currently negotiating with different institutions