March 3, 2024

GERMIN Empowers 40 Women with Public Procurement Training

By Bublina Peni-2521 Views-No Comment

On March 2 and 3, GERMIN hosted a training session on “Public Procurement,” attracting about 40 local women in politics.

Our primary emphasis was on equipping women assembly members and candidates with insights into monitoring municipal public procurement.

Our goal was to provide them with comprehensive procurement knowledge, including identifying signs of corruption in municipalities.

On the second day of the training, the focus shifted towards simulating public procurement contracts.

Participants formed groups to better understand procurement procedures and identify irregularities or violations.

The simulation exercises focused on four distinct scenarios, including:

  • Municipality tender: Annex construction for House of Culture.
  • Tender for five Municipality inspector cars.
  • Paving “X” road with concrete domes tender.
  • School construction tender announced by Municipality.

NED generously supported the “Diaspora for Women in Politics” project, which conducted this training initiative.

GERMIN remains committed to hosting similar training sessions under the “Diaspora for Women in Politics” project, with the overarching goal of empowering women and fostering their increased participation in political spheres.

The DWP project features research on women’s roles in small municipality political parties, online mentoring, Agora-style discussions, and capacity-building training in project planning, budgeting, HR, and social media.