An investment forum in cooperation with the Municipality of Kamenica which aims to generate income and new job opportunities through new business initiatives and attraction of foreign investment for big projects in this municipality. 


  • Generation of income and employment opportunities in Kamenica
  • Proper utilization of the natural resources
  • Sustainable economic development
  • Capacity building 
  • Organization of a forum to promote the opportunities of Public-Private Partnerships (P-P-P) which are available from the Municipality of Kamenica, foreign and diaspora investors; 
  • Linkage of the market between local producers and possible foreign distributors through B2B meetings; 
  • Promotion and support to the local producers in Kamenica; 
  • Training and assistance in management and capacity building for the local businesses and producers; 
  • Strengthening of the product promotion of the local producers; 
  • Training and subvention in branding and marketing for the new products which will be launched in the market. 


  • A consultative meeting in Zurich between the Diaspora stakeholders, Municipality of Kamenica and Germin in the 15th of December 2019
  • The official launch of the first phase of the project “Invest in Kamenica” – January 28th, 2020
  • A research on the economic potential of the Municipality of Kamenica, which was conducted with the local businesses and associations.